• Trader Joe’s Tofu Poke Bowl Vegan Recipe

    Trader Joe’s Tofu Poke Bowl Vegan Recipe

    March 2, 2021Van

    I make poke bowls once a week and usually use sushi-grade salmon or tuna, but I’ve started to make it with extra firm tofu as well and I was in shock at how popular this dish has become in my household. The cool thing is, you can grab everything you need from Trader Joe’s! My husband cites the amazing variety of textures as one of the key reasons for its success. You have creamy tofu contrasted with crisp radish slices. Throw in some fresh avocado and cooling cucumber—highlighted with edamame…this is a playground for your taste and texture buds! I like to add some Trader Joe’s Chili Onion Crunch on the tofu for a very subtle heat and some color. This dish is a real…

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  • Matcha Mochi Waffles Recipe

    February 28, 2021Van

    I love matcha + mochi so these Matcha Mochi Waffles are the perfect treat! The waffles are bouncy, chewy & the matcha flavor is very prominent. I topped it with vanilla ice cream, a sprinkle of matcha powder, blackberries &…

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  • Japanese Beef Bowl – Gyudon Recipe

    February 26, 2021Van

    This is a quick and simple meal that my family loves!  It’s a Yoshinoya-style Japanese Beef Bowl (Gyudon) – extra thin shaved beef steak is simmered in a delicious sauce and served over rice.  Trader Joe’s carries packages of shaved…

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  • Trader Joe’s Mochi Brownies Recipe

    February 21, 2021Van

    If you have few boxes of Trader Joe’s Mochi Cake Mix laying around and want to try something different, these Mochi Brownies are it! Very rich chocolate flavor and the texture is a mix of your standard brownie + chewy…

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  • Instant Pot Classic Sandwich Bread Recipe

    February 21, 2021Van

    An easy recipe for Classic Sandwich Bread, it’s light, fluffy and delicious – so much better than anything you can buy at the grocery store! I coverted the well-loved recipe from King Arthur, you shave off half the time from…

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  • Chinese House Special Shrimp Recipe (Garlic Ginger Scallion Shrimp)

    February 20, 2021Van

    Royal Capital Seafood in Garden Grove, CA is a Hong Kong-style Chinese Restaurant with a very extensive, seafood-centric menu. I’ve tried many of their dishes over the years, but the one dish I kept coming back for was their House…

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  • Trader Joe’s Tempura Rice Bowl Recipe (Tendon)

    February 18, 2021Van

    This Trader Joe’s Tempura Rice Bowl is a delicious and easy-to-make meal using Trader Joe’s Shrimp Tempura & Vegetable Bird’s Nest (aka Kakiage Tempura). You can find both of these in the freezer isle & they come with tempura dipping…

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  • Champagne & Strawberry Snow Cocktail Recipe

    February 15, 2021Van

    Just a fun drink made on a whim, we had very thick layer freshly fallen snow and I took advantage of it by making a Champagne & Strawberry Snow Cocktail – it’s an adult slushie!  I was inspired by the snow…

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  • Trader Joe’s Mocha Dalgona Coffee Recipe

    February 12, 2021Van

    My version of the coffee drink that went viral on TikTok & Instagram, Mocha Dalgona Coffee. The coffee fluff is made by whisking instant coffee, sugar and water together until it looks like marshmallow fluff, then you add it to…

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  • Trader Joe’s Wonton Noodle Soup Recipe Hack

    February 11, 2021Van

    Delicious and quick meal, Wonton Noodle Soup – ready in about 10 minutes with a few items from Trader Joe’s.

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