• Irish Coffee Recipe inspired by the Buena Vista

    Irish Coffee Recipe inspired by The Buena Vista

    March 17, 2023Van

    This Irish Coffee recipe is inspired by the ones served at the historic Buena Vista in San Fransisco.  They started making Irish Coffees in the 1950’s when they recreated the highly touted Irish Coffee served at Shannon Airport in Ireland.  You can use your favorite Irish Whiskey for this recipe, but the Buena Vista uses Tullamore Dew   Purchase Irish Coffee Mugs here  

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  • Cheesy Dumplings Gratin Recipe

    March 8, 2023Van

    Cheesy Dumplings Gratin 🥟 quick and easy recipe made with  frozen dumplings – a unique way to turn frozen dumplings into a completely different + delicious dish!   

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  • BEST Caesar Salad Dressing Recipe

    March 4, 2023Van

    You’re probably here from this video, and YES, this is the BEST Caesar Salad Dressing recipe! It’s based off of Caesar Cardini’s original recipe, with a few additions to make it even more delicious!  I’ve tried so many different recipes…

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  • Tunacado Sandwich Recipe – Copycat of Joe & The Juice

    February 28, 2023Van

    This is my copycat of Joe & The Juice’s Tunacado Sandwich that went viral on TikTok.  It’s super simple to make and tastes so delicious!! I used Trader Joe’s Vegan Pesto (Joe & The Juice also uses vegan pesto), but…

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  • Monkey Bread Recipe using Canned Biscuits

    February 20, 2023Van

    If you love the gooey center of cinnamon rolls, then you’ll love my pull-apart monkey bread recipe! It’s so easy to make since you can use canned biscuits and only 4 ingredients total to make it. Watch my 30 second…

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  • Toast Points with Caviar & Creme Fraiche Recipe

    January 1, 2023Van

    A simple, but elegant appetizer that’s quick and easy to make.  I used white sturgeon caviar (Germany), which has a delicate flavor with a light buttery finish . It’s one of the more affordable caviars, the cost is usually around…

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  • Kabocha and Chicken Dumpling Soup Recipe

    November 12, 2022Van

    Kabocha and Chicken Dumpling Soup, a delicious and nourishing soup recipe that’s quick and easy to make using frozen dumplings! Some of the kabocha will dissolve and thicken the soup a little 

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  • Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie Recipe

    October 25, 2022Van

    If you love chocolate + hazelnut, try out these amazing brownies! They’re dense, chewy with ribbons of chocolate hazelnut spread throughout… so delicious! You can use Nutella or Nucolato Chocolate Hazelnut Spread if you prefer a stronger hazelnut flavor

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  • Sticky Buns Recipe with Canned Cinnamon Rolls

    October 19, 2022Van

    This is how I make Sticky Buns with canned cinnamon rolls, it’s a super easy recipe, but they taste like they came from a bakery! Sticky buns are are baked with nuts and butter and brown sugar on the bottom…

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  • Candied Li Hing Mui Star Fruit Recipe

    September 30, 2022Van

    A special treat you never knew you needed to try!! I’m sharing another completely original recipe for Candied Li Hing Mui Star Fruit! Star Fruit is a juicy tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia, they have a similar texture and…

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