• Greek Frappe Recipe (Frothy Iced Coffee)

    February 21, 2022Van

    A Greek Frappe is a refreshing frothy iced coffee that’s extremely popular at cafes all over Greece. You might think that this is similar to the viral drink Dalgona Coffee, but Greeks have been making this drink for decades. It’s also so quick and easy to make home – you can have this ready in…

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  • Gideon’s Bakehouse Peanut Butter Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

    February 3, 2022Van

    I went to Disney World & Disney Springs last week and Gideon’s Bakehouse instantly became one of my favorite bakeries, they serve amazing decadent cookies and specialty cold brew coffees if you’re ever in Orlando, it’s a must try! Not only are the cookies and coffee amazing, the interior design of Gideon’s at Disney Springs…

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  • Potted Plant Matcha Latte Recipe (Cookies n’ Cream Matcha Latte)

    January 12, 2022Van

    If you’re going to have a matcha latte, why not make it this aesthetic? This delicious cookies n’ cream matcha latte is designed to look like an adorable potted plant.  The “soil” is made with oreo cookie crumbs and it’s garnished with micro greens for the sprouts.  You might be able to find this latte…

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  • Nutella Mocha Latte Recipe

    January 6, 2022Van

    Easy 3-minute recipe for a delicious Nutella Mocha Latte, basically the longest part is simmering the milk since I use Trader Joe’s instant coffee. If you don’t like to use instant coffee, just substitute with a double shot of espresso. I also top with shaken cream (which is optional), but it’s so good with it!…

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  • How to make Hot Chocolate with Hershey’s Kisses

    December 28, 2021Van

    I’m sharing how I make amazing hot chocolate using Hershey’s Kisses – super simple and better than anything you can get from the shops (unless you’re going to Jacques Torres’ shop 😂) It’s rich, creamy and has a fantastic chocolate flavor.

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  • White Chocolate & Peppermint Matcha Latte Recipe

    December 18, 2021Van

    White Chocolate & Peppermint Matcha Latte, the most perfect winter drink. It’s so delicious and warming, and how fun is using a candy cane as a swizzle stick??? If you can’t get a hold of candy canes, just substitute with peppermint extract + sugar.

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  • Butterfly Pea Matcha Latte Recipe

    December 1, 2021Van

    I love finding new ways to upgrade my matcha lattes and  my newest addition is blue butterfly pea powder. Not only does it look stunning, butterfly pea is rich in anthocyanins, which are the antioxidant compounds responsible for its beautiful color. It doesn’t really change the flavor of the matcha latte, so it’s more for visual…

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  • The BEST Hot Chocolate Recipe

    November 17, 2021Van

    If you’re looking to have an amazing mug of hot chocolate, make this recipe! Hot chocolate from shops is bad 99% of the time, it’s usually just some bland mix that they add to hot water. My version has a super rich chocolate flavor and topped with a mountain of whipped cream! It’s also quick…

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  • Bloody Lychee Sake Martini Recipe for Halloween

    October 31, 2021Van

    Bloody Lychee Sake Martini, a fun & creepy cocktail that’s perfect for Halloween.  These are super tasty, so you could easily drink a few of these to celebrate 🎃 Happy Halloween everyone!  

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  • EASY Organic Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe Hack

    October 30, 2021Van

    I’m sharing and easy 1-minute recipe hack for Organic Vietnamese Iced Coffee using Trader Joe’s Organic French Roast Cold Brew Concentrate + Organic Sweetened Condensed Milk, it’s the perfect balance of bitter + sweet. Vietnamese Coffee is traditionally made with French roast coffee in a Vietnamese phin coffee press (recipe here) – but I had…

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