• EASY Salted Caramel Mocha Recipe

    October 21, 2021Van

    Easy 3-minute recipe for Salted Caramel Mocha using a few items from Trader Joe’s. Feel free to substitute the milk with your favorite dairy-free milk if you prefer

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  • Crazy Pumpkin Milkshake Recipe

    October 13, 2021Van

    Every year, I go nuts at Trader Joe’s when all the pumpkin products start rolling in.  I wanted to make a dessert that uses as many pumpkin treats as possible, so I created the ultimate Pumpkin Milkshake.  I didn’t feel like baking myself a birthday cake this year (like I always do), so I made…

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  • Iced Strawberry Matcha Latte Recipe

    October 12, 2021Van

    Iced Strawberry Matcha Latte, one of the most delicious and refreshing matcha drinks, it’s inspired by the strawberry matcha latte served at TeaZenTea boba shop in Brentwood, CA. I’ve come up with a super easy shortcut for sweetened strawberry puree (no cooking involved! yay!) so you can make this drink in under 5 minutes. If…

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  • EASY Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

    October 5, 2021Van

    This is a super easy 5-minute recipe for Pumpkin Spice Latte made with a few Trader Joe’s ingredients.  It has all the flavors of autumn in one delicious cup! Watch my 30-second Instagram Reel here I typically don’t like the flavor of instant coffee, but in lattes they work well, since the milk and whipped…

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  • Butterfly Pea Jasmine Lime Iced Tea Recipe

    September 23, 2021Van

    One of my favorite drinks is Jasmine Lime Iced Tea, it’s super refreshing and delicious – it’s the upgraded version of an Arnold Palmer!  I recently tried blue butterfly pea powder to naturally color some desserts and after finding out about the health benefits such as being rich in antioxidants and mood enhancer I wanted…

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  • Iced Mango Matcha Latte Recipe

    September 8, 2021Van

    I love matcha, and have it some form almost everyday – desserts, drinks, I even love matcha soba! If you’re a matcha fan and looking for the most refreshing, delicious & BEAUTIFUL matcha drink, try this Iced Mango Matcha Latte. It’s inspired by the mango matcha latte served at TeaZenTea boba shop in Brentwood, CA…

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  • Trader Joe’s Iced Horchata Coffee Recipe

    August 30, 2021Van

    This is a super quick and simple recipe for Horchata Coffee (aka Dirty Horchata). Horchata is a traditional Mexican drink that’s made with rice soaked in water, then flavored with cinnamon and sugar – it usually takes about 6+ hours to make, but I’m using a shortcut with Trader Joe’s Rice Drink. You typically wouldn’t…

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  • Trader Joe’s Strawberry Crunch Cake Milkshake Recipe

    August 17, 2021Van

    I received my gift card prize along with the sweetest message  from winning Trader Joe’s Instagram #TJsMilkshakeContest Guess what I spent it on??? I got supplies to make another crazy milkshake. There’s a reason why Trader Joe’s set a 5 item limit for the contest, so the recipes wouldn’t get out of control like this one …

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  • Ube Horchata Recipe

    August 9, 2021Van

    Ube Horchata, a delicious fusion of Asian & Mexican flavors 💜 this is super quick and simple version of horchata since I’m using carton Almond & Rice or Coconut Milk + Ube Flavoring which gives it that gorgeous purple color. Horchata is traditional Mexican drink made from rice soaked in water, after the rice is…

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  • Homemade Chamoy Recipe

    July 28, 2021Van

    Growing up in Santa Ana, CA chamoy was a very popular condiment. Local street vendors or Mexican snacks shops would use them on fruit cups (recipe here), chips, gummy candies, pork rinds or chamoyadas. The chamoy everyone uses is a bright vibrant red syrup that comes out of a big bottle – it has a sweet,…

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