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  • Spicy Salmon on Crispy Rice Recipe

    September 17, 2021Van

    Spicy Salmon on Crispy Rice, one of the few items from a fusion sushi restaurant that’s pretty easy to make at home.  This dish was made famous by Katsuya in Los Angeles, the original version is made with tuna, but it’s equally delicious with salmon.  It’s surprisingly an amazing combo, creamy, spicy salmon on top…

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  • Trader Joe’s Langostino Mac and Cheese Recipe

    September 15, 2021Van

    Langostino is the Spanish name for little lobster or squat lobster, they have a tender texture and delicate flavor.  Many people like to use langostino tails in place of standard lobster in lobster rolls.  I’m sharing my easy recipe for Langostino Mac and Cheese, there’s no need to make a roux since I use Pub…

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  • Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna Recipe

    September 4, 2021Van

    Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna is super trendy lately, but it’s been around for quite sometime. Many people know of this dish from Nobu, but Katsuya in Los Angeles also makes an amazing version. You’ll usually find it on the menu at fusion sushi restaurants, but it’s pretty easy to make at home. Honestly the…

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  • Easy Trader Joe’s Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

    August 31, 2021Van

    Chicken Tikka Masala is probably the most popular Indian dish worldwide and it’s easy to see why.  It’s explosive with flavor, the combination of yogurt marinated chicken cooked in a tandoor or grilled over charcoal with the tangy and creamy masala sauce is the most amazing match.    It’s the national dish of the U.K.…

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  • Easy Trader Joe’s Butter Chicken Recipe (Murgh Makhani)

    August 16, 2021Van

    Butter Chicken or Murgh Makhani is one of the most popular Indian dishes in the U.S.  It was invented in Delhi in the 1940’s, but quickly became popular all over the world because of it’s mild spice and delicious creamy sauce. One of Trader Joe’s best sellers is the frozen package of Butter Chicken –…

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  • Air Fryer Chicken Katsu Recipe

    August 6, 2021Van

    I’ve had an air fryer for years, but I never tried making chicken katsu in it – after making it last night, I’m happy to say that it turned out great and super crispy! It’s so much more convenient and uses very little oil to cook. The only con I noticed was the panko coating…

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  • New Orleans Drago’s Charbroiled Oysters Recipe

    July 23, 2021Van

    The most delicious dish from my recent trip to New Orleans was the charbroiled oysters!  It truly lives up to the claim that it’s “the best single bite of food in New Orleans”  This amazing oyster dish is very unique to New Orleans, it was invented by Tommy Cvitanovich in 1993 at one the most famous…

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  • Pesto Shrimp Pasta Recipe

    July 18, 2021Van

    There’s just nothing that comes in a jar that can beat the flavor of homemade pesto… This recipe for Pesto Shrimp Pasta is quick and easy to make, toss spaghetti in delicious pesto, then top it with grilled shrimp and cherry tomatoes for an amazing and flavorful meal.  

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  • Trader Joe’s Wedge Salad Recipe

    July 17, 2021Van

    A classic Wedge Salad recipe using a few ingredients from Trader Joe’s – this homemade version rivals any steakhouse wedge salad. My favorite one was from Morton’s Steakhouse because their blue cheese dressing was amazing, Trader Joe’s Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing with the addition of Crumbled Blue Cheese is just as good as Morton’s housemade…

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  • Air Fryer Peri-Peri Sauce Chicken Wings Recipe

    July 3, 2021Van

    My new favorite wings, Peri-Peri Sauce Chicken Wings! Peri-Peri Sauce is a rich and spicy South African sauce made with African Bird’s Eye Chili – it’s a tangy, slightly creamy hot sauce.  I just picked this up from Trader Joe’s last week and after tasting it, I thought it would be wonderful for wings.  If you…

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