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  • Cheesy Dumplings Gratin Recipe

    March 8, 2023Van

    Cheesy Dumplings Gratin 🥟 quick and easy recipe made with  frozen dumplings – a unique way to turn frozen dumplings into a completely different + delicious dish!   

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  • Tunacado Sandwich Recipe – Copycat of Joe & The Juice

    February 28, 2023Van

    This is my copycat of Joe & The Juice’s Tunacado Sandwich that went viral on TikTok.  It’s super simple to make and tastes so delicious!! I used Trader Joe’s Vegan Pesto (Joe & The Juice also uses vegan pesto), but regular pesto works great too.  The combination of flavors and textures is what really makes…

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  • Monkey Bread Recipe using Canned Biscuits

    February 20, 2023Van

    If you love the gooey center of cinnamon rolls, then you’ll love my pull-apart monkey bread recipe! It’s so easy to make since you can use canned biscuits and only 4 ingredients total to make it. Watch my 30 second Instagram Recipe Video here You can use brown sugar or granulated sugar.  Brown sugar will…

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  • Toast Points with Caviar & Creme Fraiche Recipe

    January 1, 2023Van

    A simple, but elegant appetizer that’s quick and easy to make.  I used white sturgeon caviar (Germany), which has a delicate flavor with a light buttery finish . It’s one of the more affordable caviars, the cost is usually around $50 for 1 oz (28g)  Use a piping bag with a small star tip if…

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  • Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie Recipe

    October 25, 2022Van

    If you love chocolate + hazelnut, try out these amazing brownies! They’re dense, chewy with ribbons of chocolate hazelnut spread throughout… so delicious! You can use Nutella or Nucolato Chocolate Hazelnut Spread if you prefer a stronger hazelnut flavor

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  • Sticky Buns Recipe with Canned Cinnamon Rolls

    October 19, 2022Van

    This is how I make Sticky Buns with canned cinnamon rolls, it’s a super easy recipe, but they taste like they came from a bakery! Sticky buns are are baked with nuts and butter and brown sugar on the bottom of the pan. They’re flipped onto a serving tray right  after baking, so the gooey…

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  • Dark Chocolate Creme Brulee Recipe

    August 11, 2022Van

    Dark Chocolate Crème Brûlée 🥂 a rich, elegant dessert that’s simple to make. The chocolate custard is reminiscent of chocolate mousse, the texture is very smooth and creamy.  Plus it’s always a bonus when you get to bust out the torch 🔥 to create the caramelized sugar topping. *Watch my short Instagram video here   You…

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  • Harry Potter Butterbeer Float Recipe

    July 31, 2022Van

    Harry Potter turns 42 today! I love the Harry Potter books & films so much, it’s only fitting that I’d find a little way to celebrate a character that’s brought me so much joy & entertainment 🧡 Happy Birthday Harry, here’s a Butterbeer Float for you 🥳 (Happy Birthday to Neville too 🤍) Watch my…

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  • Trader Joe’s Corn & Hatch Chile Cupcakes with Honey Buttercream Recipe

    July 25, 2022Van

    Here’s my recipe for Corn & Hatch Chile Cupcakes with Honey Buttercream that won the Grand Prize for Trader Joe’s Instagram #TJsCornContest  The corn cupcakes are moist and fluffy with a hint of Hatch green chiles which adds a subtle spice that’s balanced out by the sweet honey buttercream frosting – very delicious and complex!

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  • EASY Trader Joe’s Affogato Recipe

    July 14, 2022Van

    Affogato made with Trader Joe’s new Horchata Ice Cream + Cold Brew Concentrate. This is my quick & lazy version of affogato made in 30 seconds, you can use a pulled shot of espresso instead of the cold brew concentrate if you prefer. The Horchata ice cream is so tasty, it has cinnamon, brown rice…

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