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  • Instant Pot Red Wine Braised Short Ribs Recipe

    January 21, 2020Van

    This is one of the most delicious meals you can make in the Instant Pot. The short ribs are so flavorful and extra tender – pair it with Instant Pot garlic mashed potatoes (recipe here) and you can truly have a 5 Star dining experience at home with this meal. If you use your Instant…

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  • Air Fryer Tornado Potatoes Recipe – Instant Pot Vortex

    January 20, 2020Van

    Tornado Potatoes are a hybrid of french fries + potato chips – they are a super fun snack that you can whip up quickly using an air fryer. You just need a tornado potato spiral cutter (purchase here) and it takes about 30 seconds to cut each potato. I made 4 tornado potatoes for under…

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  • Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer Spicy Buffalo Wings Recipe

    January 11, 2020Van

    Easy Air Fried Buffalo Wings made with no oil! The wings turn out light and crispy and the buffalo sauce is the perfect balance of savory, spicy and tangy.

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  • Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff Recipe (from Frank Lloyd Wright’s A Taste of Taliesin West Cookbook)

    January 9, 2020Van

    I’m a huge fan of architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright in particular. As a kid on trips up to Los Angeles I’d see his remaining structures and wonder who was behind these fantastic pieces of art. A few years back my husband surprised me with an impromptu trip to Taliesin West—Wright’s Home in Scottsdale Arizona. We…

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  • Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer French Fries Recipe

    January 8, 2020Van

    Easy homemade Air Fryer French Fries made in the Instant Pot Vortex Plus. If you like to make homemade fries often, get a French Fry Cutter (purchase here) to minimize prep time. Takes me less than 5 minutes to get them ready for the air fryer. If you’re using this fry cutter, trim both ends.…

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  • EASY Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

    January 6, 2020Van

    One of the easiest & most satisfying dishes you can make in the Instant Pot: Chicken Noodle Soup. You can use chicken broth from cartons or make your own chicken broth from a roasted chicken (recipe here). It’s a quick dump & go recipe – toss everything into the pot, including the noodles and you’ll…

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  • Instant Pot Chicken Bone Broth Recipe

    January 6, 2020Van

    If you’ve picked up a rotisserie chicken from the market or made it in the Instant Pot Omni or Vortex (recipe here), save the bones to make the most delicious and healthy bone broth. If you use your Instant Pot on the counter under your cabinets, this is an awesome accessory that diverts the steam…

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  • Instant Pot Key Lime Pie Recipe + Chocolate-Covered Key Lime Pie

    January 5, 2020Van

    I spent the last few years perfecting this tart and creamy Key Lime Pie and I’ve just converted it for the Instant Pot. The results are stunning. One of my secrets is the crust. Rather than graham crackers I opted for Nilla Wafers to bring out the punchy lime flavor even more. My kids have…

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  • Instant Pot Vortex Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

    January 4, 2020Van

    Thanks to big box stores and even local grocery chains, the rotisserie chicken has become a common “meal in a box.” But along the way, I feel also lost it’s flavor and texture. I’m rarely satisfied with the rotisserie chicken that I can find out, so when Instant Pot announced their new Vortex Plus Air…

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  • Stabilized Coconut Flavored Whipped Cream Recipe

    December 29, 2019Van

    This is a super simple recipe to make Coconut Flavored Whipped Cream – it’s flavored and stabilized by using Jell-O Instant Coconut Cream Pudding mix. Use this for cheesecake and pie topping or frost cupcakes and cakes with it. This whipped cream will hold it’s shape for several days in the refrigerator and for a…

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