Din Tai Fung Pork Chop Fried Rice Recipe


  • Trader Joe’s Instant Miso Ramen Recipe Hack

    January 9, 2021Van

    When you’re in the mood for ramen, but don’t want to spend the two days it usually takes to make broth and chashu pork belly from scratch – Trader Joe’s to the rescue!  Every single ingredient for this meal is from Trader Joe’s, I’ll show you how I spruced up their Instant Ramen so it…

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  • Trader Joe’s EASY Ramen Egg Recipe (Ajitsuke Tamago)

    January 8, 2021Van

    These delicious Ramen Eggs are soft boiled eggs that are marinated in Trader Joe’s Soyaki sauce.  They’re the perfect topping for ramen or you can enjoy them on top of rice, with salad or on their own as a snack. Only two ingredients needed are eggs and Soyaki.  If you use older eggs, they will be…

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  • Instant Pot Chichi Dango Mochi Recipe + Oven Method

    December 20, 2020Van

    Chichi Dango has an interesting history, it’s origins are from Hiroshima, Japan, yet no one in Japan really knows about it, but everyone in Hawai’i loves it! The family that started Nisshodo Candy Store in Honolulu, Hawai’i brought the recipe to Hawai’i 100 years ago, because of their shop, Chichi Dango has become popular all…

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  • Homemade Matcha Marshmallows Recipe

    December 18, 2020Van

    I was trying to think of culinary treats that had a good shelf life, would travel well  for gift giving and homemade marshmallows fit the bill. I adapted Alton Brown’s trusty marshmallow recipe to include matcha powder.  These chewy, bouncy Matcha Marshmallows are the ultimate treat for anyone who loves matcha like I do! Marshmallows…

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  • Southern California-Style Teriyaki Chicken Bowl Recipe

    December 16, 2020Van

    If you’ve never heard of Mos 2, they’re the more delicious version of Flame Broiler and WaBa Grill. I’d call Mos the pioneer of SoCal style Teriyaki Chicken Bowls where chicken is charbroiled and served with a viscous Teriyaki sauce – the sauce is a lot sweeter and thicker than traditional teriyaki sauce. The original…

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  • Bánh Khọt Recipe – Vietnamese Crispy Savory Shrimp Pancakes

    December 15, 2020Van

    Bánh Khọt is the baby cousin to Bánh Xèo, they share a similar type of batter, but the cooking technique and texture are different. Bánh Khọt is very crispy on the bottom, while the middle stays tender and with every bite you have a delicious piece of shrimp garnished with scallions – mung beans and…

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  • Air Fryer Crispy Salmon Skin Recipe

    December 12, 2020Van

    Typically the only time you’ll see Crispy Salmon Skin on a menu is at a sushi restaurant as temaki hand rolls, it may sound weird to some people, but it’s super delicious. Crispy Salmon Skin is the tastier & healthier version of pork rinds – they are no-carb, extra crunchy, and packed with Omega-3 fatty…

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  • Ponyo’s Ramen Recipe – Studio Ghibli Meal

    December 2, 2020Van

    One of my kids’s favorite Studio Ghibli films is Ponyo, so I thought it would be fun to recreate Ponyo’s ramen for them – it’s one of the cutest scenes in the movie, I love how Ponyo is so excited to have her first bowl of ramen with ham! It’s very quick and simple to…

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  • The most delicious Bacon Fried Rice Recipe

    December 1, 2020Van

    This has been a family favorite for years, any time I make this Bacon Fried Rice, my kids clean their plate! It’s also a huge hit at potlucks, so you can double the recipe if needed. Looking for a gift for your favorite foodie, chef or yourself? Click on the list below for the coolest…

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