Years ago I realized that with some inspiration & experimentation I could create all my favorite dishes in my own kitchen. Cooking and baking have always been my passion. I’ve made and remade recipes from around the globe—so much so that I began to have a little problem organizing hand written recipes floating all over my house, so I created FOOD is a Four Letter Word.

Please join me in creating these dishes I put so much love into. I made these all with the intent of feeding the people I love most—my family. FOOD is a Four Letter Word is simply a diary of what I cook for my family.

I’m a Southern California native who grew up eating from the most diverse palette in the United States. SoCal is a foodie haven, there’s the best of whatever cuisine you crave—from Vietnamese, American, Mexican, Ethopian, Chinese, Indian to Japanese – exploring the amazing cuisines of the world is reflected in much of what I cook and create.


Tiramisu Entremet