The BEST Instant Pot Pho Ga Chicken Pho Recipe

Asian Instant Pot Recipes

  • Instant Pot Chashu Recipe for Ramen (Japanese Braised Pork Belly)

    November 13, 2020Van

    Chashu is a must have topping for Japanese ramen, I’ve adapted Nami’s Recipe from Just One Cookbook for the Instant Pot – you can check out her original stovetop recipe here, she also has the option to make rolled chashu which I skipped to make it easier. The pork belly is cooked to perfection in…

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  • Instant Pot Soft-Boiled Ramen Eggs Recipe + Stovetop Method

    November 13, 2020Van

    This is super simple recipe on how to make Ramen Eggs (Ajitsuke Tamago) which are  soft-boiled eggs that are marinated for a few hours in a simple soy sauce mixture – they are perfect for ramen, with a bowl of rice or even on their own as a delicious high protein snack! Be sure to…

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  • Instant Pot Steamed Kabocha Recipe

    October 19, 2020Van

    Kabocha (Japanese Pumpkin) is my favorite winter squash – I think it has the best flavor, being sweeter and more flavorful than butternut squash. This is a simple way to steam Kabocha in the Instant Pot, the skin is edible, so if you want it eat with the skin, scrub it well before cooking. After…

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  • Instant Pot “KFC” Fried Chicken Japanese Rice Cooker Recipe Hack

    October 10, 2020Van

    If you’re a foodie, you might already know about this Japanese “KFC” Fried Chicken Rice Cooker Hack that went viral last December (Rice Cooker Recipe Here). You simply cook rice with broth and your left over fried chicken in your rice cooker – it was super popular in Japan (where KFC still makes good fried chicken),…

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  • Instant Pot Snow Skin Mooncakes with Coconut Mung Bean Filling Recipe – Bánh Dẻo Trung Thu

    September 29, 2020Van

    Tết Trung Thu or Mid-Autumn Festival is an ancient festival considered “children’s day” in Vietnamese culture. It falls on the 15th day of the eighth month in the lunar calendar, which is in September or early October – this year it lands on October 1, 2020 when the fullest moon will appear.  It’s day to celebrate…

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  • Instant Pot Strawberry Mochi Recipe

    September 4, 2020Van

    Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made with sweet rice flour – it’s soft, squishy & chewy – the texture is like soft gummy bear & marshmallow mixed together – if you want to learn more about the laborious traditional way of making mochi, watch this cool video.  If you’re a mochi lover, this Strawberry…

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  • Instant Pot Matcha Mochi Recipe

    September 1, 2020Van

    Mochi is one of my family’s favorite treats, anytime we’re at our favorite Japanese market, Mitsuwa Market – my kids always ask for a sweet rice cakes or mochi ice cream – it’s soft, chewy and slightly sweet. If you want to learn more about the laborious traditntal way of making mochi, watch this cool…

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  • Instant Pot Boba Pearls Recipe + Bubble Milk Tea

    July 23, 2020Van

    Simple way to cook Boba Pearls using the the Instant Pot to get them perfectly soft and chewy – I’ve also included an easy recipe for Classic Bubble Milk Tea. Check out my recipes for Matcha Bubble Tea here & Strawberry Milk Boba here (caffeine free) You can find vacuum sealed bags of uncooked tapioca…

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  • Instant Pot Yakult Probiotic Drink Recipe

    May 30, 2020Van

    This is a copycat recipe for the popular probiotic drink Yakult – it’s a delicious drink that has a refreshing citrus flavor and contains the exclusive strain Lactobacillus casei Shirota which is beneficial for your digestive system (learn more about the company here). Yakult was first released in the city of Fukuoka, Japan in 1935…

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  • Instant Pot Whole ShaBang! Shrimp Boil Recipe (Copycat of The Boiling Crab)

    March 6, 2020Van

    If you’ve never had a shrimp boil you’re not alone. Most of us never experienced this delight unless we were from the Gulf—primarily Southeastern Texas or Louisiana. It’s a right of passage in these parts. Balmy late spring afternoons are spent with friends and family eating copious amounts of shrimp, sausage, corn and crawfish—all washed…

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