Hawaiian Local Dishes

  • Pumpkin Butter Mochi Recipe

    November 9, 2021Van

    Butter Mochi is a very popular treat in Hawaii, it’s made with Mochiko (Japanese Sweet Rice Flour) and a few other ingredients typically used to make cake. It’s the perfect example of modern day Hawaiian cuisine (local food) which is a fusion from multiple ethnic groups. Butter mochi has a satisfying chewy texture, it’s a…

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  • Crispy Coconut Shrimp Recipe

    October 6, 2021Van

    Crispy Coconut Shrimp, one of my favorite appetizers!  Jumbo shrimp are coated in panko and coconut shreds, then fried until gold brown and crispy – dip them into Thai Sweet Chili Sauce for the perfect balance of flavors – so delicious! I used unsweetened coconut, but you could use sweetened shredded coconut if you want…

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  • King’s Hawaiian Loco Moco Recipe

    September 28, 2021Van

    Loco Moco is the ultimate Hawaiian comfort food, rice served with a burger patty, smothered in a delicious brown gravy and topped with a fried egg. The dish originated at Lincoln Grill restaurant in Hilo, Hawaii around 1949 by Richard & Nancy Inouye. I’m curious to know if this dish was inspired by Japanese Hamburger…

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  • Spicy Salmon on Crispy Rice Recipe

    September 17, 2021Van

    Spicy Salmon on Crispy Rice, one of the few items from a fusion sushi restaurant that’s pretty easy to make at home.  This dish was made famous by Katsuya in Los Angeles, the original version is made with tuna, but it’s equally delicious with salmon.  It’s surprisingly an amazing combo, creamy, spicy salmon on top…

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  • Air Fryer Chicken Katsu Recipe

    August 6, 2021Van

    I’ve had an air fryer for years, but I never tried making chicken katsu in it – after making it last night, I’m happy to say that it turned out great and super crispy! It’s so much more convenient and uses very little oil to cook. The only downside I noticed was the panko coating…

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  • Spicy Crab Salad Recipe (kanikama)

    July 31, 2021Van

    This is a simple recipe for Spicy Crab Salad that I use as a side in my homemade Poke Bowls.  You use Kani Kamaboko which are imitation crab sticks made from fish, you’ve probably had these before in California Rolls or other American style sushi rolls. You can find this at your local Japanese or…

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  • Disneyland’s Tiki Room Pineapple Dole Whip Float Recipe

    July 19, 2021Van

    Today is national Dole Whip Day (🥳 yes this really a thing) I only found out about it on Instagram a few hours ago, luckily I’m crazy over Dole Whips so I already had the stuff to make a Pineapple Dole Whip on hand. This is EXACTLY like the one you’d get at the Enchanted…

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  • Trader Joe’s Hawaiian Huli Huli Chicken Recipe

    June 27, 2021Van

    Huli Huli Chicken originated in Hawaii in 1955 when Ernest Morgado roasted a big batch of chicken for a farmer’s group.  It was marinated in his unique version of teriyaki sauce and cooked over an open charcoal pit – “huli” means turn in Hawaiian, a reference to the special rotating grills used to cook this special…

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  • Ube Mochi Churros Recipe made with Trader Joe’s Ube Mochi Waffle Mix

    June 25, 2021Van

    I just can’t get enough of Trader Joe’s Ube Mochi Waffle Mix! My local Trader Joe’s in Austin still had plenty of boxes yesterday, so I grabbed a few more and decided to make something a little fun with it. I’ve made Waffles filled with Nutella and Ube Jam, I’ve also made Ube Mochi Donuts…

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  • Trader Joe’s Ube Mochi Waffles filled with Ube Jam and Nutella Recipe

    June 16, 2021Van

    Trader Joe’s Ube Mochi Waffle Mix is one of my favorite Trader Joe’s products – sadly it’s only available in the beginning of summer so be sure to check your local Trader Joe’s for the mix.  The mochi waffles turn out crisp on the outside and fluffy and chewy on the inside!  Today I used…

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