Trader Joe's Recipes

  • Ube Mochi Waffles Recipe

    June 26, 2020Van

    These Ube Mochi Waffles are inspired by the Trader Joe’s Ube Mochi Pancake Waffle Mix. I was only able to buy them once before they sold out  at all my local Trader Joe’s – I was determined to figure out how to make these myself. It took a few trials, but I’m really happy with…

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  • EASY Instant Pot BBQ Pork Ribs Recipe

    April 4, 2020Van

    Save hours of cooking time by making BBQ Pork Ribs in the Instant Pot. The ribs turn out very tender, just finish them off in the oven to get the BBQ sauce caramelized and sticky! If you use your Instant Pot on the counter under your cabinets, this is an awesome accessory that diverts the…

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  • Easy Whipped Cream Recipe (Chantilly Cream)

    May 3, 2019Van

    The perfect topping for almost any dessert! You can’t even compare homemade whipped cream to the stuff that comes out of a can. This is extra thick, creamy and pipes beautifully. It’s slightly sweet with a hint of lovely vanilla – PERFECTION! If you have a Trader Joe’s by you, they carry these 8 oz…

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