Trader Joe's Recipes

  • Gideon’s Bakehouse Peanut Butter Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

    February 3, 2022Van

    I went to Disney World & Disney Springs last week and Gideon’s Bakehouse instantly became one of my favorite bakeries, they serve amazing decadent cookies and specialty cold brew coffees if you’re ever in Orlando, it’s a must try! Not only are the cookies and coffee amazing, the interior design of Gideon’s at Disney Springs…

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  • Yogurt Custard Toast Recipe

    February 3, 2022Van

    After seeing Yogurt Custard Toast pop up so many times on TikTok I was intrigued! I gave it a try and I’ve adjusted to taste much better than the other recipes floating around, I use slightly less yogurt and more sweetener to balance out the flavors more. If you love matcha like I do, you…

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  • Nutella Mocha Latte Recipe

    January 6, 2022Van

    Easy 3-minute recipe for a delicious Nutella Mocha Latte, basically the longest part is simmering the milk since I use Trader Joe’s instant coffee. If you don’t like to use instant coffee, just substitute with a double shot of espresso. I also top with shaken cream (which is optional), but it’s so good with it!…

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  • Easy Ice Cream Bread Recipe

    December 16, 2021Van

    Ice Cream Bread, sounds like a strange recipe right? I forgot about a carton of ice cream I had in the freezer, so it had some freezer burn, didn’t want to waste it so I turned it into yummy Ice Cream Bread! You can use any flavor whole milk ice cream, it will take on a light…

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  • Extra Crispy Oven Roasted Potato Wedges Recipe

    November 28, 2021Van

    Look no further, this is the best method for making extra crispy potato wedges in the oven! The exterior is extra crispy and the insides are fluffy and tender – the texture is so amazing!  This technique is inspired by April Bloomfield’s Thrice-Cooked Fries recipe, which are simply the best french fries you will ever…

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  • Thanksgiving Leftovers Egg Rolls Recipe

    November 26, 2021Van

    This is now my favorite way to enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers – I think it’s even more delicious than Thanksgiving dinner!  You simply use the leftovers you have and wrap them in an egg roll wrapper and deep fry until they are golden and crispy, serve with cranberry sauce and gravy as the dipping sauces.  Everything…

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  • EASY Corn Casserole Recipe

    November 21, 2021Van

    Corn Casserole, a simple and delicious side dish that will pair well with most meals!   The flavor is sweet & savory, the texture is buttery, moist and tender – it’s really fantastic.  It’s similar to southern spoon bread or Chi Chi’s corn cake – this recipe is a basic starting point, you can customize it…

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  • Pumpkin Butter Mochi Recipe

    November 9, 2021Van

    Butter Mochi is a very popular treat in Hawaii, it’s made with Mochiko (Japanese Sweet Rice Flour) and a few other ingredients typically used to make cake. It’s the perfect example of modern day Hawaiian cuisine (local food) which is a fusion from multiple ethnic groups. Butter mochi has a satisfying chewy texture, it’s a…

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  • EASY Organic Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe Hack

    October 30, 2021Van

    I’m sharing and easy 1-minute recipe hack for Organic Vietnamese Iced Coffee using Trader Joe’s Organic French Roast Cold Brew Concentrate + Organic Sweetened Condensed Milk, it’s the perfect balance of bitter + sweet. Vietnamese Coffee is traditionally made with French roast coffee in a Vietnamese phin coffee press (recipe here) – but I had…

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  • EASY Salted Caramel Mocha Recipe

    October 21, 2021Van

    Easy 3-minute recipe for Salted Caramel Mocha using a few items from Trader Joe’s. Feel free to substitute the milk with your favorite dairy-free milk if you prefer

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