• Fluffy & Creamy Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe

    January 21, 2021Van

    This is a family favorite, fluffy and creamy Egg Salad Sandwiches! I mix the egg yolks and mayo in a stand mixer and it gets really fluffy and smooth. I love that I can customize everyone’s sandwiches with their favorite seasoning, I sprinkle mine with a little bit of togarashi and furikake. Trader Joe’s Everything…

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  • Trader Joe’s EASY Ramen Egg Recipe (Ajitsuke Tamago)

    January 8, 2021Van

    These delicious Ramen Eggs are soft boiled eggs that are marinated in Trader Joe’s Soyaki sauce.  They’re the perfect topping for ramen or you can enjoy them on top of rice, with salad or on their own as a snack. Only two ingredients needed are eggs and Soyaki.  If you use older eggs, they will be…

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  • Trader Joe’s Sparkling Giggle Juice Cocktail Recipe

    December 29, 2020Van

    Easy and delicious cocktail made with Moscato, Sparkling Pink Lemonade, Limeade, Vodka and Strawberry Slices. Perfect for a party (or party of 1 LOL), but I’ll be enjoying these on New Years Eve! Find all the ingredients at Trader Joe’s

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  • Homemade Matcha Marshmallows Recipe

    December 18, 2020Van

    I was trying to think of culinary treats that had a good shelf life, would travel well  for gift giving and homemade marshmallows fit the bill. I adapted Alton Brown’s trusty marshmallow recipe to include matcha powder.  These chewy, bouncy Matcha Marshmallows are the ultimate treat for anyone who loves matcha like I do! Marshmallows…

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  • Aebleskiver Recipe – Round Danish Pancakes

    November 29, 2020Van

    Aebleskiver are a traditional Danish dessert or snack – in Denmark they are eaten most often in the winter time.  These are pretty rare to find in restaurants in the U.S. –  but if you happen to be in California – take a day trip to Solvang, it’s a beautiful and quaint Danish Village just…

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  • EASY Butterscotch French Toast Casserole Recipe

    November 22, 2020Van

    If you’re looking to make a special breakfast or brunch, look no further! This Butterscotch French Toast Casserole is quick and easy to put together and it will seriously impress your guests. It’s made with a rich custard, crusty sourdough bread and a delicious butterscotch sauce – the greatest part is it’s baked in a…

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  • Instant Pot Vietnamese Yogurt Recipe – Pandan, Ube & Original Flavors

    November 20, 2020Van

    What is Vietnamese Yogurt? Yogurt has been made for thousands of years, but Vietnamese people only started making yogurt a little over a century ago when it was introduced to them by the French during their occupation. There wasn’t fresh milk readily available in Vietnam so they used sweetened condensed milk, the yogurt would turn…

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  • Trader Joe’s No-Bake Vanilla Bean Mini Sheet Cake Recipe Hack

    November 9, 2020Van

    Being an avid baker my whole life, I almost never buy cakes, especially from a grocery store. I kept hearing about Trader Joe’s Chantilly Cream Vanilla Bean Mini Sheet Cake and I had to try it, I’m amazed at how good it is and how much it tastes like it’s homemade. The cake is moist…

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  • Instant Pot Spooky Spider Deviled Eggs Recipe

    October 30, 2020Van

    Fun and spooky Black Widow Spider Deviled Eggs made in the Instant Pot! They are classic delicious deviled eggs with black olive spiders, fukujinzuke for the hourglass and paprika sprinkle for the blood splatter. The perfect festive appetizer for Halloween.   Be sure to click on the accessories list below to get the most out…

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  • Trader Joe’s St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake Recipe

    October 29, 2020Van

    Gooey Butter Cake is a classic American recipe that originated in St. Louis in the 1930’s, over the years it’s transformed into this easy and simplified version using cake mix. There are two layers, the bottom is a chewy, buttery vanilla cake that has caramelized edges and the “gooey” topping is made with cream cheese,…

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