• Southern California-Style Teriyaki Chicken Bowl Recipe

    December 16, 2020Van

    If you’ve never heard of Mos 2, they’re the more delicious version of Flame Broiler and WaBa Grill. I’d call Mos the pioneer of SoCal style Teriyaki Chicken Bowls where chicken is charbroiled and served with a viscous Teriyaki sauce – the sauce is a lot sweeter and thicker than traditional teriyaki sauce. The original…

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  • Air Fryer Crispy Salmon Skin Recipe

    December 12, 2020Van

    Typically the only time you’ll see Crispy Salmon Skin on a menu is at a sushi restaurant as temaki hand rolls, it may sound weird to some people, but it’s super delicious. Crispy Salmon Skin is the tastier & healthier version of pork rinds – they are no-carb, extra crunchy, and packed with Omega-3 fatty…

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  • Tuna-Mayo Onigiri Recipe (Japanese Rice Ball)

    December 5, 2020Van

    Onigiri or Rice Balls are one of the most popular food items in Japan, you can pretty much buy it everywhere in Japan since every convenience store carries them. 7-Elevens in Japan are insane, they carry restaurant quality food for very cheap prices and they have tons of Onigiri. I’m making one of the most…

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  • Ponyo’s Ramen Recipe – Studio Ghibli Meal

    December 2, 2020Van

    One of my kids’s favorite Studio Ghibli films is Ponyo, so I thought it would be fun to recreate Ponyo’s ramen for them – it’s one of the cutest scenes in the movie, I love how Ponyo is so excited to have her first bowl of ramen with ham! It’s very quick and simple to…

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  • How to cook Frozen Gyoza with Crispy Lacey “Wings”

    December 1, 2020Van

    In Japan, you can find hanetsuki gyoza or gyoza with “wings” pretty easily – I haven’t found any restaurants in the states that serves it this way so I always make it like this at home, even when I’m cooking frozen gyoza. It creates and extra crispy texture on the bottom of the gyoza, while…

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  • Gyoza with Crispy Lattice Recipe (Hanetsuki Gyoza)

    November 24, 2020Van

    A little over a decade ago, my husband and I went to a quirky indoor amusement park in Tokyo called Namja Town, it’s located in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City.  We had so much fun and got to try so many amazing dishes. They had endless desserts, ice cream, a pudding museum and one of their most famous attractions…

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  • Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry Recipe with Panda Bear Onigiri

    November 23, 2020Van

    Katsu Curry is one of my family’s favorite meals, so I make this pretty often.  If I have extra time, I’ll make cute panda bear onigiri for my kids, they just love it!   It’s an easy recipe, but you do have to be good at multi-tasking to get everything ready in a timely manner.…

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  • Fried Chicken Rice Cooker Hack Recipe

    November 19, 2020Van

    If you’re a foodie, you might already know about this Japanese Fried Chicken Rice Cooker Hack that went viral last December. You simply cook rice with broth and left over cold fried chicken in your rice cooker – it was popular in Japan (where KFC still makes good fried chicken), then everyone all over the…

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  • Instant Pot Miso Ramen Recipe

    November 13, 2020Van

    Every year when the weather turns a bit cooler I dream of all the endless and unique ramen shops in Tokyo. I also recall all the times I waited in line for my local ramen shops Hokkaido Ramen Santouka and Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai to open on abnormally cool California mornings. There’s something satisfying about that…

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  • Instant Pot Chashu Recipe for Ramen (Japanese Braised Pork Belly)

    November 13, 2020Van

    Chashu is a must have topping for Japanese ramen, I’ve adapted Nami’s Recipe from Just One Cookbook for the Instant Pot – you can check out her original stovetop recipe here, she also has the option to make rolled chashu which I skipped to make it easier. The pork belly is cooked to perfection in…

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